Yet another post about me failing another NaNoWriMo event

Well, I did it. I’ve failed three NaNoWriMo events in a row (hold the applause). I don’t even have a good excuse this month. Yeah April was busy but so was last April and I finished that time. I don’t know what happened I couldn’t even get to the 5,000 mark this month.

However, I did start writing my book. Which is huge for me. I’ve been thinking about writing this book for months and I finally started it because of Camp NaNo. I plan on finishing this book at some point during 2017 but we will see if that happens.

This month was a good learning month for me though.

I learned that writing a Middle Grade book is not as easy as I thought it would be. For anyone else who has read a short middle grade book and thought “I bet I could write a book like that in less than month.” Spoiler alert, you’re wrong. Just because Middle Grade books tend to be shorter and more “simple” does not mean that they are easier to write. In fact I think they might be harder because of that.

I learned that third person, past tenseĀ  is hard for me to write. I’ve only ever written in first person, present tense in the past. When I started writing this new book it was like I was learning to write all over again. I kept having to go back and change words and cut out thoughts.

I also learned that if a book requires research it also needs a really good outline.


How did April treat you this month? Did you attempt Camp NaNoWriMo? If so how did you do?

Quick Update

I wanted to do a real quick update just to kind of explain myself. For starters there will not be a review post this week either. This is the last week of school and I simply don’t have time. There will be a review post up next week when I get back on track. I am also working on a post that I am really excited about. I hope to have it up next week as well.

I know that I kind of fell off track in April, and honestly I just haven’t gotten my life caught up yet in general. On top of Camp NaNo and school ending, I have been dealing with and going through some family stuff and while things are getting better now most of April and May have been hard and tiring months. I hope that you all understand.

Anyway. How are things in your life going? Have you read any good books lately?