The Books are Coming: May 2016

Here are a few of the books that I am looking forward to this month. In order of release date because that really is the only fair way to list them.

I wanted to get this post up last week, but with Camp NaNo, head colds, and family stuff it just didn’t happen. I am going to get back on track this month.

Both of these first two books come out on May 3rd. I am so excited about both of these books I have no clue which one I will read first.

The Crown

Release date: May 3rd


This is the last book in The Selection series. While I am so excited for this book I’m really sad that the series is going to be over. I loved these books so much, I can’t wait to see how it all warps up. I  really like this book cover, all of the books in this series are just SO pretty! I love the beautiful dresses on all of them.


The Unexpected Everything 

Release date: May 3rd

I have high expectations for this book. I loved Since You’ve been Gone by Morgan Matson, and I can’t wait to get my hands on her latest book. I hope that I’m not let down by it. I already preordered this one from Target since they have a Target exclusive edition with bonus content.

All I really know about this book is that we follow a girl named Andie and that she is a daughter of a politician. She has her whole life planned out, but then there is a scandal and it turns her life upside down. She ends up having to live with her dad and walk an insane number of dogs. She also meets a guy named Clark.

That is all I really want to know about this book, it’s all I really need to know. Lately, I have been wanting to go into books knowing as little about them as possible.

Highly Illogical Behavior

Release date: May 10th

The psychologist part of  me is so excited about this book. I am not sure what all is going to happen in this book but the concept has me hooked. I am going into this one a little carefully though because I have a little pet peeve about books glamorizing or taking mental illnesses too lightly.

In this book we follow Solomon who is agoraphobic, and hasn’t left his house in three years. There is also Lisa who is trying to get into the second-best psychology program for college, and she decides that the way she is going to earn her spot there is by “fixing” Solomon.

The Last Star

Release date: May 24th (so far away…)

Another conclusion book, this time to a trilogy. This is the last book in The 5th Wave trilogy. I really enjoyed the others and I just hope that this one isn’t a disappointment like so many trilogy conclusions can be. Honestly, I have no clue how Rick Yancey will finish this trilogy, I just hope that I am satisfied with the ending.


What books are you looking forward to this month?


Photos are all from Goodreads



Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

This book swept me off my feet. It was sweet, funny, and the perfect summer or spring break read. I loved the characters, and could relate so much to Emily. There is not one thing I would change about this book, I absolutely loved it. 18189606


Emily and Sloane are best friends and they have the perfect summer planned. Emily goes away for the weekend and comes back only to find that Sloane has disappeared. Her house is empty, she doesn’t answer calls or texts, and the only thing she left behind was a list. The list ranges from tasks like picking apples at night to kissing a stranger and going skinny dipping. Emily decides that the list will lead her to Sloane, so she spends her summer working through the list with some unexpected help from Frank Porter and some others along the way. She has no clue what she will discover at the end or who she will meet along the way.


Favorite things:

There’s a bunch of them, so I’m going to keep the comments short and sweet (or try to anyway).

The characters. Every character in this book, no matter how minor they are, are all very well developed. Each one was so unique, different, and very quirky.

The humor. This book was actually pretty funny. Emily isn’t a perfect character and there’s one scene at a drive-in theater that had me cracking up.

Emily. I could relate to Emily on so many levels. I could picture myself acting and feeling exactly like she did and that just made me love this book even more.

Her parents. They were the cutest. They are both play writers and have this passion and great hobby that they share. Can anyone say #relationshipgoals?

Friendship.  I went kind of back and forth on my feelings about Sloane. I went from wishing I had a friend like Sloane to feeling like she wasn’t the best friend ever. She leaves then doesn’t answer phone calls or texts (won’t go into the explanation for this because of spoilers). Not only that but I feel like in some ways she didn’t accept Emily for who she was. The whole list was full of things that Emily had either previously refused to do, or things she wouldn’t have done.  (So this next part may go against the popular opinion, but these are my thoughts.)While Emily’s and Sloane’s friendship sounded amazing, it really wasn’t healthy. I felt like Emily was codependent on Sloane, it was almost as if she couldn’t breath without being with her or telling her every little thing that happened. I was so happy to watch her grow apart from Sloane and become more independent. It was a really nice character arc that you (or at least I), haven’t seen done that often lately.

The playlists. Even though I didn’t know most of the songs on the playlists through out the book, I liked them and felt like it showed a lot about the characters.

The flashbacks. I really enjoyed the flashbacks that were in most chapters. They were really relevant to what was going on in the present, and they were the main way we learned about Sloane and Emily’s friendship.

The one conversation. There’s this one part when Emily spends all night talking to someone (won’t say who), and I loved how it was written. It perfectly depicted a night when you stay up talking to someone forever about everything.

Living Room Theater. Who wouldn’t want to get a bunch of friends together and do a play in your living room with no prep or anything? It would be awesome.

Some favorite quotes:

There  were so many parts and quotes throughout this book that I used up the last of my little sticky flags. I just bonded with this book so much, I loved it. Here is photo evidence of how many little flags I used. Nats iphone 506

“It was Sloane-you usually didn’t need more than that to have the best Wednesday of your life.”

“Maybe she didn’t do something big. Maybe she just told someone something.”

“You can’t just leave people behind because you think it’s going to be too hard to commit to a friendship. You can’t live your life that way.”

The quills:


Nope, like it’s pretty PG. I was so impressed by this.

Physical romance?

This was almost PG too. A few kisses, and there is one scene where a group of the characters go skinny dipping but it’s never graphic or anything. I appreciated this a lot.



Will you cry?


Overall rating?

Five out of five hedgehogs.

I would give this book six if I could.

The author:

Morgan Matson, who I got to meet, but before I read the book so it didn’t count. She just happened to be on a panel I saw.




Have you read this book? Do you love it as much as I do?

Are you more like Sloane or Emily? Personally, I’m more like Emily.

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